Hey guys,

This is my first post after a 9-month break-up with blogs, and basically, writing. (No, I did not get pregnant).

My return has been slow, and I do apologize to those people that waited for my first-ever post, again. As you can see, this blog is not entirely under me, as I have brought a partner to fill in the social-writing gap.

Since the April elections, presidential nominees have been scouting around for their vice-presidents. Well, I, have been doing the same thing.

Yudhoyono, aka, Mr. President, has found Boedhiono. Megawati found the annoying (apparently castrated) Prabowo. Jusuf Kalla found the charming Wiranto. And, I found Niq, the lively person to cheer up this blog from its monotonous nature.

As usual, I’ll be writing much about my trips (I have been flying back and forth so many times), and my thoughts on the surrounding world, especially on Indonesia. While Niq is going to write almost everything, including very personal cases which I do not dare get into.

My old blog (http://theindonesiandream.wordpress.com) is officially dead, though it still does get good-random traffic rate, so you can check on that if you wish, it contains my previous posts as a newbie.

I’m still Prince Jake, just with a bit more Indonesian flavor, so, in this blog, Putra is ready to serve you, yet again.

And Niq, welcome to my world.

Proklamasi Putra Saputra

Rising from the dead,

Putra Patriot.